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UC Davis J.Amorocho Hydraulics Laboratory (JAHL) was built by the California Department of Water Resources to perform hydraulic modeling studies for the California State Water Project in the 1960’s.

For over forty years, JAHL has been conducting hydraulic investigations through scaled and prototype models to provide modeling service to federal, state and local water agencies of California and private entities.

JAHL has both open outdoor and indoor space for physical hydraulic experiments. With a fully equipped machine shop and experienced technicians, we can construct and modify test apparatus with a high level of accuracy. Engineers in the JAHL have the experience to design and construct large-scale flumes in which to conduct a variety of flow experiments. Recent research includes engineering hydraulics, sediment transport, ecological and environmental hydraulics.

The laboratory has a source of non-chlorinated well water suitable for environmental and biological studies, a heating/cooling system capable of controlling water temperature, and a fish holding facility capable of holding fish ranging in size from centimeters to meters.

The Outdoor Flume has a test section 65-feet long, and 10.5 feet high. The width is currently set at 10-feet, but is adjustable.  Water is re-circulated with variable speed pumps, capable of supplying 135-cubic feet per second.

The Large Outdoor Flume has a test section 65 feet long, 10 feet wide and 10.5 feet high. Water is re-circulated using 24- and 48-inch diameter pipes and 135 cfs variable speed pumps.

The Indoor Flume is 120-feet long, almost 7-feet wide, with 4.5-foot-high walls. The slope is variable, the water source is non-chlorinated, and temperature controlled.  Discharge up to 90-cubic feet per second is possible with variable speed pumps. IndoorFlume



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