M. Levent Kavvas, Ph.D

Director, J. Amorocho Hydraulics Laboratory
TEL: (530) 752-2518

Dr. Kavvas’ areas of specialization include physical hydraulic modeling of environmental fluid flows, mathematical modeling of the integrated hydrologic-atmospheric processes at global, continental, country and watershed scales for the simulation and prediction of hydrologic water balances toward quantifying phenomena such as floods and droughts; mathematical modeling of hydrologic processes at regional, watershed and hillslope scales; investigations on the mathematical modeling of contaminant transport by inland surface waters, and unsaturated flow and groundwater flow.



Ali Ercan, Ph.D

Manager of Technical Services, J. Amorocho Hydraulics Laboratory
ResearchGate:                    TEL: (530) 754-4399 

Dr. Ercan’s areas of specialization include scaling and self-similarity in hydraulic and hydrologic processes, stochastic processes, fractional calculus applications, environmental hydraulics, time series modeling, impacts of changing climate, and Computational Fluid Dynamics.


Kara Carr, Ph.D

Manager of Operations, J. Amorocho Hydraulics Laboratory
website:        TEL: (530) 754-9278

Dr. Carr’s areas of specialization include sediment transport scaling and self-similarity, computational fluid dynamics, physical hydraulic modeling of environmental fluid flows and sediment transport, computational sediment transport modeling, and eco-hydraulics with a focus on fish protection and endangered species.



Tongbi Tu

Doctoral Student

Mr. Tu’s research interests include sediment transport, climate change, hydrology, and stochastic modeling. He completed his Doctorate in Civil Engineering with a focus on Water Resources Engineering at UC Davis in 2019.



Seth Seidel

Master’s Student 

Mr. Seidel’s research interests include environmental fluid mechanics and hydrometeorology. His JAHL research focused on long memory in environmental flows.



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