Hossein Bandeh

Hossein Bandeh

Senior Development Engineer
e-mail: ghoba@ucdavis.edu
TEL: (530) 752-2385
Mail: 2001 Ghausi Hall
Office: 2635 Brooks Road
Davis, Ca 95616



  • Ph.D. Bio-Medical Eng.  University of California at Davis (Ph.D. Candidate).
  • Master of Eng. Electrical Eng. June 1981.  University of California at Berkeley.
  • M.Sc. Physics, December 1977.  University of Texas at Dallas.


Senior Development Engineer, U.C. Davis (Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering).  June 1996-Present.
Supervision & management of all aspects of Unscreened Diversions, Cache Creek Settling Basin, Sturgeon Passage, Debris Removal and Fish Treadmill Projects’ engineering support including: design (hydraulics, electronics, electrical, mechanical, structural, water heating & cooling), development and review (plans, shop drawings, technical specifications, cost estimates, and project schedules), installation (VFD, motor, power distributions system & level meter, ultrasound flow & velocity meter), modification, operation, maintenance, troubleshooting, purchasing, emergency response, instrument & equipment training, and productivity of engineering support.
Electronics and electrical control system design for the Sacramento River Model.
Supervision and management of the fish holding facilities’ electronics, electrical, water heating, cooling, aeration, water & air pumps.  Training staff and students to operate and maintain the facility.
Supervision, management and training of students & staff to measure and maintain light level and water quality (temperature, ammonia, pH, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, depth, flow & velocity).
Electrical high & low voltage design, modification, repair and refurbishing of 600HP and 2300 Volt motors for the Large Flume (over 100cfs water).
Consulted on hydraulics and structure of Large Flume design.
Initiated the request for and obtained a donation of a high voltage & power transformer from PG&E.  Responsible for purchase of high & low voltage power equipment and accessories.
Coordination, supervision, management and monitoring of building and facility analysis, review, design, construction & maintenance assignments with project managers, inspectors/planners/estimators, architects, engineers, contractors and the University’s Physical Plant inside and outside the Hydraulics Laboratory building.

Senior Development Engineer and Programmer/Analyst II U.C. Davis (Department of Applied Sciences).  June 1990-June 1996.

Development Engineer U.C. Davis (Dept. of Applied Sciences).  Summer 1983-1996.

Teaching Assistant / Associate
U.C. Davis (Dept. of Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences). 1981-1988.
U.C. Berkeley (Dept. of Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences). 1978-1981.
Sharif University of Technology (Dept. of Electrical Engineering) 1974-1976.

Research Assistant / Associate
University of Texas at Dallas (Dept. of Physics) 1977-1978.
Sharif University of Technology (Dept. of Electrical Engineering) 1974-1976.


Poletto, Jamilynn B., Dennis E. Cocherell, Timothy D. Mussen, Ali Ercan, Hossein Bandeh, M. Levent Kavvas, Joseph J. Cech, and Nann A. Fangue. “Efficacy of a sensory deterrent and pipe modifications in decreasing entrainment of juvenile green sturgeon (Acipenser medirostris) at unscreened water diversions.” Conservation Physiology 2, no. 1 (2014): cou056.

Mussen, Timothy D., Dennis Cocherell, Jamilynn B. Poletto, Jon S. Reardon, Zachary Hockett, Ali Ercan, Hossein Bandeh, M. Levent Kavvas, Joseph J. Cech Jr, and Nann A. Fangue. “Unscreened water-diversion pipes pose an entrainment risk to the threatened green sturgeon, Acipenser medirostris.” PloS one 9, no. 1 (2014): e86321.

Mussen, Timothy D., Dennis Cocherell, Zachary Hockett, Ali Ercan, Hossein Bandeh, M. Levent Kavvas, Joseph J. Cech Jr, and Nann A. Fangue. “Assessing juvenile Chinook salmon behavior and entrainment risk near unscreened water diversions: large flume simulations.” Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 142, no. 1 (2013): 130-142.

Chen, ZQ Richard, M. Levent Kavvas, H. Bandeh, Elcin Tan, John Carlon, Thomas Griggs, and Stefan Lorenzato. “Study of the roughness characteristics of native plant species in California floodplain wetlands.” Report to Department of Water Resources, State of California (2009).

Xiang, Fu, Levent M. Kavvas, ZhiQiang Chen, Hossein Bandeh, Noriaki Ohara, Sangdan Kim, Su-Hyung Jang, and Roger Churchwell. “Experimental study of debris capture efficiency of trash racks.” Journal of Hydro-environment Research 3, no. 3 (2009): 138-147.

Hayes, Darryl E., Sean D. Mayr, M. Levant Kavvas, Zhiqiang Q. Chen, Esmer Velagic, Ahmet Karakas, Hossein Bandeh et al. “Fish screen velocity criteria development using a screened, circular swimming channel.” Advances in fish passage technology: engineering design and biological evaluation (2000): 137-147.



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